So, zombie blog is alive!

Uh, I don’t have much useful stuff to say right now. So I offer up some photos from the last year or so since I updated…

mister kitteh

farm sign

mister kitteh on a chair

dewey running in the snow

gilbert's hungry face

mister outside

Life’s going fairly well. Sadly, Mister Kitteh (the feline in the above photos) was lost to cancer this spring, but all the rest are doing well. I’ll try to take some photos this week, since apparently I haven’t taken any decent pictures since early spring.


AAAAND… In case it wasn’t obvious… I’m back! Zombified and moving about. No cricket bats to the head, please, we’re still getting the hang of this undead thing.


About Nicole

I read, I knit, I cook, I farm. Lots of homebody activities for an unemployed homebody.
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