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In which atrocious photography maligns a truly delicious dessert

So this story, I guess, begins a while ago. About two weeks ago, I had some vanilla beans, and some butter, and some sugar, and I made vanilla butter. The caviar of one vanilla bean, one stick of unsalted butter, … Continue reading

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Gilbert’s Busted Face

Well, things have been a bit hectic here. For once, there is only one creature to blame- Gilbert. Gilbert’s an eight year old pit bull/’husky mix who joined our family seven years ago. Gilbert is… needy. Very needy. He constantly … Continue reading

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Well, I’ve done some knitting, and some cooking, and some other things, but I don’t particularly feel like writing about them. I feel like writing about Pepper. Pepper is our pony. Well, he’s my mom’s pony. He’s been in my … Continue reading

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In which I finally finish a pair of socks

Socks, and booties, for a dear friend and the child he and his lady are expecting. The yarn is Plymouth Yarn Company’s Happy Feet Yarn. The yarn has short (1-2 inch) stripes of green and black, and it’s turned into … Continue reading

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And we’re back

So I went to South Sudan. It was gorgeous. And there were so many cows. I love cows. They’re a real country now! People are coming home. And there was a parade!!! And then I came home. Isn’t home beautiful? … Continue reading

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